Nov 4, 2007

video: "looting nahr al-bared"

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in may 2007, nahr al-bared refugee camp in north lebanon, home to over 30,000 palestinian refugees, became the site of a 3-month battle between the lebanese army and the extremist group fatah al-islam.
during this time over 40 civilians, 167 soldiers and over 200 fatah al-islam fighters were killed. 30,000 refugees were displaced. from the official end of the battle, in early september, until the 10th of october the camp was under exclusive lebanese army control.

when parts of the new camp were re-opened and the first thousand families returned to nahr al-bared, they returned to houses that had been burnt, looted and vandalised. witnesses attest to what appears to be a systematic pattern of burning and looting. racist graffiti written in many homes in the camp is signed with the names of various lebanese army commando groups.

no military or independent investigation has been carried out until now, although amnesty international has written to the lebanese government, calling for an investigation to be initiated and those responsible to be held accountable.
journalists and human rights organisations are being denied entry to the camp.

this 10-minute clip deals with the looting and burning of nahr al-bared camp. it can be downloaded in good quality here (.mpeg/331mb) or here (.mov/136mb). alternatively, you can download them here (.mpeg) or here (.mov). also, it can be watched here on youtube or below: