Nov 26, 2007

video: "what future for the youth?"

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this short documentary is the result of a video-workshop in the south lebanese village of siddiqine. it was conceptualized, directed, filmed and edited by a group of four young people from the village, with a-films' support. the two-week video training aimed at enabling young people to represent their own views of political, social and economical issues in their community by using the tool of video-making.

emigration is a widely discussed topic not only in siddiqine, but all over lebanon. siddiqine was hit hard during the war in 2006 and more than half of the village was destroyed, which lead to further social and economic pressures resulting in a stronger desire amongst many residents to emigrate.

the 17-minute video consists of interviews, a group discussion and scenes from siddiqine's streets in the early morning and in the evening, symbolizing the change in movement and atmosphere. villagers voice their concerns, hopes and assessments regarding the situation both at home and abroad and speak about their wishes to engage the hardships they face by trying to go abroad. the film also reveals that the desire of emigration has multiple roots and causes.

the short film can be downloaded here (.mov/242mb) and here (.mpeg/583mb) as well as from indymedia (.mov/242mb).
it can be watched here (part 1) and here (part 2) on youtube or below:

part 1:

part 2: