Jan 7, 2009

video: "voices from the church st. jakob"

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on sunday, 4 january, the squatters left the "prediger" church in zurich and accepted an invitation by the church "st. jakob". by moving to this church, the preconditions for a talk set by the government official hollenstein were fulfilled. on monday, 5 january, mr. hollenstein received a delegation of sans-papiers for a talk.

in the short film, two migrants share their disappointment about the poor outcomes of the talk, once again explain their problematic situation and talk about what should happen next.

the 8-minute film can be downloaded here (.mpeg/249mb) and here (.mov/93mb). also, it can be watched here on youtube or below.

more information about the squatted church can be found on the website of the bleiberecht-kollektiv zürich.