May 1, 2008

video: "traces of collective dispossession"

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on march 31st 2008, the lebanese army made 20 houses in majles street in the destroyed palestinian refugee camp of nahr al-bared accessible. all 20 buildings had signs of burning. often, entire rooms or even floors were completely burnt. at least in 16 houses, traces of flammable liquids could be found on the walls.

from the official end date of the fighting in early september 2007 until march 30th 2008, all of majles street was under the exclusive control of the lebanese army. the amount of looting, arson and intentional destruction in majles street and in nahr al-bared camp in general point to a systematic collective dispossession of the camp's residents by the lebanese army.

the lebanese army has so far strongly forbidden any filming or photographing in nahr al-bared. the army, its secret service and local collaborators make sure that nobody breaks this unwritten law.

the 10-minute film documents the mentioned accusations in detail. it can be downloaded here (.mpeg/329mb) and here (.mov/125mb) in good quality. also, it can be watched here on youtube or below.