Jan 1, 2009

video: "voices from the squatted church (2)"

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13 days after squatting the "prediger" church in zurich, switzerland, spirits are high and the sans-papiers and activists are still determined to continue their struggle for a right to stay and a dignified, self-controlled life for all. the squatters insist on their demands. they are not willing to leave the church as long as there are no concrete measures taken up by the authorities to solve their problems.

in the short film, two migrants, an activist of the support committee and a solidary priest talk about squatting the church and the political demands of the squatters.

the 10-minute film can be downloaded here (.mpeg/317mb) and here (.mov/118mb). also, it can be watched here on youtube or below.

more information about the squatted church can be found on the website of the bleiberecht-kollektiv zürich.